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The true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves

– Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Post Graduate Certificate Program in Teaching for the Future (PGCP-Teaching)

The program will help current teachers adapt to new teaching norms as well as help aspiring teachers to rapidly gain relevant skills to succeed. It also allows trendsetting teachers and aspirants to incorporate e-learning and e-training into their teaching methodologies and evolve from the traditional way of teaching.

Why Is This Program The Best?

100% Assured Placement*

Opportunities with the best schools across the country

Aligned to CENTA® Standards
Globally benchmarked teaching competencies

MAHE Certification

One of the leading academic institutions in India

Online Hands-on Learning

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India Will Need 3 Million Teachers By 2030

Globally, India is 2nd in terms of teachers’ recruitment - that which is required to meet the current educational demands.The online search for teaching jobs on Google & other job portals has seen a 40% hike from the past few years due to increasing demand for teachers in schools and advancements in online education that have opened avenues to new roles.

“Talking in absolute terms, India needs close to 370,000 new teachers to meet its demand for primary education.”

Toppr Research

Eligible and technologically advanced teachers in the Education sector are very sparse, it has led to a huge supply gap in the industry at the moment. Several lucrative positions remain vacant at schools and online/offline institutions due to the lack of teachers prepared to take on the needs of the modern world.

Who should do this program?

This holistic program is recommended for everyone in the teaching profession or is interested in a career in teaching. You could enroll in this program if you are:

An entry-level teacher with higher aspirations than average

A candidate who has Ed. qualifications and/or teaching experience with a career break and wants to rejoin

A candidate with a corporate career who wants to switch to the teaching profession

A mid-career teacher looking for global opportunities

A teacher looking for an international move/placement

A entrepreneur who is looking at exploring the opportunities in this space 

Anyone interested in getting into the edtech domain/working as a part-time faculty for new age companies

This Program Opens Up Infinite Teaching Opportunities Across ICSE, CBSE, IB & Cambridge Schools

Primary school teacher (Classes 1-8)


Online education


Secondary school teacher (Classes 9-12)

Salary Benchmarks

INR 2 Lacs to INR 6 Lacs

Avg. annual salary range of a teacher

INR 4.8 Lacs to INR 9.25 Lacs

Avg. annual salary range of an online tutor

INR 4.8 to

INR 6 Lacs

Min. annual salary after joining a school that follows the ICSE/CBSE syllabus

How does 100% Assured Placement* Work?

100% Assured Placement* ascertains that learners get 3 assured chances for a job by the end of the program with tier-1 ICSE & CBSE schools and across electives on international jobs, IB/GSC curricula, and online tutoring. As a part of placement assurance, learners will also undergo job preparation sessions and get access to curated job fairs with hiring schools. With schools keen on hiring future-ready teachers who are trained in both online and classroom teaching methodologies, this program presents lucrative placement opportunities.

Job placements will solely depend on the completion of assignments and projects, assessment performance, as well as the performance of learners during the selection process with our industry partners.

Placement Criteria

Placement Partners

Ahlcon International School,

New Delhi

Bright Riders School,


School of India,


The Shri Ram Universal School, Palava

Vidyamangal School,

Thakur International School, Mumbai

Delhi Public School, Bangalore

Sunbeam School,


KC High,


Swarnim International School,


Mount Carmel School,


Mayoor School,



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India's No.1 LIVE tutoring website 

Why Are The CENTA® Standards Globally Accepted?

One of the main highlights of the program is its affiliation to the Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA®) that comes with their own teaching frameworks and standards that are widely-accepted and internationally-benchmarked teaching competencies.


Attitude and beliefs

Core Competencies: Fundamental competencies relevant to all individuals

Technical Competencies: Specific to teaching as a profession

Professional Competencies: Relevant for effective professional interaction

Program Details

This 5.5-month online instructor-led program consists of an expansive curriculum that entails the following segments.

Modules 1

Excellent education and role of the teacher

Define and envision an excellent classroom

Write a personal vision to be an excellent educator

Articulate current educational realities

Look at holistic education

Apply the globally benchmarked CENTA standards.

Modules 2

Understanding of Child Learning and Diversity

Learning theories with age-appropriate learning

Learner diversity

Modules 3

Content Development & Planning

Understanding and creation of appropriate Learning Objectives

PCK- methods & resources:

Understanding of the range of general and subject-specific pedagogical methods & resources and how to select/ modify them as per the class context

How to use pedagogical methods that can build broader problem solving and critical thinking skills

Planning of instruction

Knowledge of different types of planning resources and the process for creating each.

How to create a lesson plan/ textbook chapter considering the learning objective and the classroom context.

Modules 4

Student Assessment & Remediation

Understanding of the different objectives of assessment, different assessment methods and tools, and best practices of assessment design.

PCK- assessment:

How to select/ modify and implement an assessment, considering the assessment objectives and the classroom context.

How to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze assessment data and derive insights on common and student-specific misconceptions through assessment performance analysis.

Remediation and communication

How to identify teaching strategies to address common and student-specific misconceptions for different topics

How to communicate feedback on specific misconceptions.

Classroom Management Techniques:

Understanding of common classroom management techniques for involvement, positive disciplining, addressing diversity etc. in different types of classroom settings.

Classroom Management Techniques: How to organise the classroom and its facilities to ensure physical safety, comfort and emotional security of the students.

Delivery of Content

Involvement, Pace and Individual Attention

Use of Technology for effective communication

Modules 5

Classroom Communication

Modules 6

Professional Competencies & Mindsets

How to focus on continuous self-development and leverage professional growth initiatives to improve teaching practices and student achievements.

Teamwork & Leadership

Understanding of best practices for collaboration, teamwork and professional feedback.

How to take initiatives beyond your defined role

How to engage parents and community in student learning


How to develop a growth mindset and have belief that ALL students despite any physical / mental / socio economic challenges can strive to improve. 

Modules 7


International Teaching career

IB/ Cambridge Curricula

Online Tutoring

The internship provided as a part of the program will help learners delve more into the curriculum with project-based learning.

Want to know more about Postgraduate Certificate Program in Teaching for the Future (PGCP-Teaching)

Fees  INR 85,000 + Taxes

Interest Free Loan available

Eligibility Criteria

To enroll for the Postgraduate Certificate Program in Teaching for the Future (PGCP-Teaching),a candidate must have:

Successfully completed Graduation with 50% marks

Admission Process

If you are interested in applying to the PGCP in Teaching, let us know by filling out the above form. Upon application, a program counsellor will be designated to help you through the application process.The following steps will be involved in the enrollment.

Step 1

Register for the program on the website

Step 2

Assigned counselor assesses eligibility

Step 3

Admission is granted after payment of the admission fee

Do you know someone who loves teaching?

REFER a prospect & EARN

INR 7,500*

A 100% Assured Placement* Program

on every successful enrollment

(*T&C apply)


“The present-day education system needs a strong focus on child-centric methods of mentoring and use of technology in teaching-learning. Our archaic B.Ed. courses are nowhere near catering to these demands. It's time to overhaul the Teacher Education programs in our country. When I got to know about the initiative of CENTA in partnership with MAHE on starting the Post Graduate Certificate Program in Teaching for the Future, I was very pleased as it would hopefully begin the much-needed reform.”

“Many of the current teacher preparation programs tend to be more theoretical and also not up to date. This course by CENTA covers all skills that are essential to be a highly effective educator. With key competencies, such as pedagogical content knowledge, classroom communication, and assessments, this program covers the end-to-end teaching cycle in a highly practice-oriented manner. It will highly benefit the participants who often overlooked the aspects of a teacher's career, such as time management, team building, leadership, and self-development. 

Naga Padmaja G,

The CrossWord School, Guntur

Asha Narayanan,
Lodha World School, Thane

About MAHE

About CENTA® 

Founded in 2014, Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA®) works to make teaching a more aspirational profession through merit-linked career opportunities and catalyse teacher professional development.

CENTA’s  well established teacher assessment and certification initiatives include ‘CENTA®  Teaching Professionals' Olympiad - an annual national competition for teachers held in 75 cities across India in December; ‘CENTA®  Teaching Quotient’ - a nationally benchmarked score of the most important competencies for a teacher; ‘CENTA® Micro-Credentials’ - an in depth micro certificates on specific competencies leading to the full CENTA®  Certification. 

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is synonymous with excellence in higher education and is among the Top 3 private institutions in India.

MAHE was conferred as an Institute of Eminence by University Grants Commission (UGC) in July 2018. A member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, MAHE has nearly 2,500 faculty and almost 10,000 other support and service staff, who cater to the various professional institutions in health sciences, engineering, management, communication and humanities.

Post Graduate Certificate Program in Teaching for the Future (PGCP-Teaching) 


With technical evolution across industries changing the outlook of big to small job profiles, the modern world requires teachers skilled in online and classroom teaching to provide education to the younger generation. Our Postgraduate Certificate Program in Teaching helps you enhance your skill sets and earn a handsome salary by utilizing technology in modern classrooms.

The PGCP in Teaching is designed for all teachers who have higher aspirations than average. While a B.Ed. degree makes you eligible for applying to schools, the PGCP in Teaching program helps you leverage your skills for the modern demands in technology-based teaching.

The program is 5.5 months long with Online Live Instructor-led Training.

Fill out the details in the above form and if you qualify for the program (i.e., have a min. 50% grades in graduation and pass the assessment), you can join the program.

Yes, the program fee includes an internship as well.

Learners enrolled in the program will receive certificates from both Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA ®)

Yes, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and CENTA have a huge network of industry partners. Please go through the ‘Placements’ section mentioned above to know more about industry partners.

The PGCP in Teaching assures to provide 3 placement opportunities by the end of the program to every student who successfully completes and fulfills the academic requirements as well as placement eligibility requirements. They must also strictly adhere to the program’s disciplinary norms and register for placement (at no extra cost)

In case a student doesn’t get a job in these 3 chances, we will invite them for the next job fair that will be organized by Manipal Global and Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA).

Students who shall remain unplaced even after the two job fairs would receive a 50% refund of the total course fee.

To be eligible for Assured Placement, a student must meet the minimum academic requirements in each course and the overall program, with respect to:

1. Attendance and timely completion of assignments

2. Academic performance in the tests, quizzes, exams and summative assignments

3. Timely completion of the credits, with no backlogs in any course in the program

4. Any other academic requirement

5. Participate and successfully complete all placement preparatory sessions

6. Achieve a minimum eligibility score in CENTA Teaching Quotient

The course work will mainly be conducted on weekend mornings, from 9 AM to 12 PM (noon), and a few weekday evenings at 6 PM. The internship will be a running affair throughout the duration of the program. Exact details will be finalized upon discussion with the respective school that you will be interning with.

Contact Us

Want to know more about the PGCP in Teaching? Drop us an email at team@centa.org or 

Call +91-9019917000  0r WhatsApp at +91-7349662401 and we’ll get in touch with you.